Um, I don’t really care too much about the food or service when the vibe is right and the entertainment is EXCELLENT! I went and saw an AMAZING jazz band – A REAL JAZZ BAND – not just the paint by numbers types – on a Friday night. The band was extremely versatile and was able to go from jazz to funk to blues etc. People couldn’t resist getting up and dancing. I thought that was as good as it could get until Teena Jones came up and sang at the end of the night and totally brought the house down. it was such a pleasant surprise to hear REAL music and see truly talented artists.

Really, if you want to escape the typical LA scene and hear talented people, drink a decent drink (not overpriced) and hang with friends and/or dance and/or meet new people, go to the Camden. Word is that this Jazz band will be playing every Sunday and Teena Jones will join them this Sunday (9/27/09). For those who are complaining about the food – get over it! Usually excellent music places don’t have the best food – eat somewhere else and then come for the music, drinks & enjoy!

Very fun place! Beautiful restaurant, great food, fun entertainment, plenty of dancing space. We went for my aunt’s birthday and we all had fun, we were a big party and they gave us a great table right by the dance floor. The food was delicious and we were very entertained. I would definitely go back for another birthday or special event.

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